Things to be grateful about

The year 2013 is slowly coming to an end while the year 2014 is slowly inching its way forward. I cannot help but look back at 2013 and I find myself in awe. There are so many things to be thankful for! I feel an overwhelming joy at what God has done for me over the last few grateful about

Do I have things to be grateful for?

Yes, I do have and basketful of them. Like what?

  • I am alive and breathing.
  • I have work to do and accomplish.
  • I have articles to write and lessons to teach.
  • I have enough money for my personal and my family’s needs. My financial needs are being met and I have adequate funds at my disposal. And, I believe more hard work from my side will lead to better fiscal status for me.
  • I have the talent to serve God through my writing and proclaiming.
  • I have enough troubles to keep my head leveled to the ground and teach me values in life.

Thanks to God for the sea of blessings!

St. Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians (Chapter 4, Verses 7 to 8) says, “… What do you possess that you did not receive? … You are already satisfied; you have already grown rich.”

A thankful heart attracts more blessings!

Do not wait to be thankful or grateful when something big happens to you. Start gratefulness with the small things that you have in life. Now is the time to be grateful. Try it quickly. And you will notice that you will not lack the things you are grateful about. Be thankful for your financial blessings and you will have more financial blessings!

And from a grateful heart will tithing and giving come forth.

Marj Baynosa is a chemical engineer and educator, who loves reading and writing in her spare time, especially on finance, faith, and other seemingly mundane things.

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