Tutorial: How do “various individual items” contribute towards inflation?

Inflation index consists of various components. Each component holds a certain weight in the index and priced differently as well.Inflation

For instance, we have two items A and B, each priced at Rs 200 each in the INDEX which gives 40 per cent weight to A and 60 per cent to B.

INDEX = (0.40 X A + 0.60 X B)

As A and B are Rs 200, so INDEX = 200

After some time when inflation increases, A come out as 220 with 20 per cent inflation and B is recorded at 205 with 5 per cent inflation.

Now INDEX = (0.40 x 220 + 0.60 x 205) = 88 + 123.5 = 211

INDEX has increased from 200 to 211, which is 11% inflation.

Individual Contribution of A and B

We now want to know how much Inflation was caused by A and B respectively.

A changed from 200 to 220. With weight of A being 40 per cent, effective index impact comes out as 20 x 0.40 = 8 points.

So, A was responsible for 8 points from total change of 11 points.

Contribution of A = 8/11 = 73 per cent of the index change.

Similarly B = 3/11 = 27 per cent of index change.

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