Gaza-Israel conflict: Indian origin lady offering Biryani to Israeli soldiers fighting in Gaza strip

New Delhi: By offering a plate of chicken Biryani last week, an Indian woman has won over the hearts of Israeli soldiers fighting in Gaza strip.

Reena Pushkarna, who is known as the curry queen of Israel and who runs a food chain of restaurants in Israel has set up a  make shift kitchen in the fight struck zone to provide food for soldiers. She has won over the hearts of army men by providing them up to 400 kg of Biryani till now.

Photo courtesy: HT

Photo courtesy: HT

Pushkarna, who has been residing in Tel Aviv for nearly 30 years, along with her crew of four chefs is serving Biryani to not less than 2,000 Israeli soldiers, including Indian-origin Jews.

Her innovative step has brought smiles to the faces of soldiers, she said.

Israel and Hamas have locked their horns in Gaza and are fighting since one month.

Pushkarna is a daughter of retired colonel.

She said that she wanted to cook food for those children who were caught in crossfire.

Witnessing loss of live at such huge extent as shattered her heart, she further said.

She flew down for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s swearing-in ceremony in May last and is the convener of the Israel chapter of the Overseas Friends of BJP

She named her restaurant Tandoori, in Tel Aviv, and her business venture is blooming at present. Of course, she is not thinking about making quick money during such disturbing times.

However, it’s not known how much does she charge for a plate of Biryani, if she does in the first place.

Via: Hindustantimes

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