Class Divide: Read Why Indian Journalism Needs To Be More Inclusive!

Read an article on The Hoot “Why more Dalits don’t opt for journalism”. The piece applies for everyone coming from not so economically forward background. Even Adivasi, backward castes, and residents of backward regions qualify as study groups for the subject. One of the reasons mentioned was – “because their perspective in reporting on their communities would be different.”

Class Divide

Class Divide

It is absolutely correct since the way of analyzing, scripting and producing a story observes different treatment from journalists belonging to different communities – hence different mindsets.


Let’s suppose a case where two vehicles driven by chauffeurs collide head-on with each other on a busy road. One of the cars can involved in the accident was a BMW and the other a Porsche.

There exist two reporters A and B (representing 2 different newspapers) on the accident scene deputed by their respective editors to report the collision. Anyways, it’s the editor who decides how the final copy looks like. But, still for the sake of broad discussion let the case move on.

‘A’ hails from a financially very sound family and shares a passion for cars. ‘B’ belongs to an exceedingly impoverished background and works to earn basic livelihood.

Read the ways how three of them report the same happening

The report by ‘A’ basically forms its case around the extent of monetary damage caused to the cars. His copy will surely revolve on technicalities of the accident.

The report by ‘B’ derives its peg from the magnitude of effect on human lives involved and certain loss of daily earning and probably livelihood for the chauffeurs and their family.

Therefore, final reports present a very dissimilar picture to a reader in both the cases. It depends on the sensitivity, compassion and ingrained training received by the reporters that essentially choose how the ending reports are shaped up.

So, Indian Journalism needs to be more inclusive!

*The article makes the story “Why more Dalits don’t opt for journalism” its base. It’s just aimed at the lack of class inclusiveness in the world of journalism in India. The final copy always rests with the editor.

Ashish Pandey

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