Will advent of early monsoon boost India’s fortunes?

It’s raining good news. The monsoons have hit the land at least two weeks early. Not only the advent brings smiles on the faces of the crestfallen farming class but also raises anticipation considering the encouraging quantity of rainfall.

Early monsoons hint of better days ahead

Early monsoons hint of better days ahead

Going by the statistics, till Thursday, country was blessed with about 28 percent more rainfall than what has been normal up till now.

Will these showers boost country’s fortunes?

To nod in affirmation will be too immature. Nevertheless, the pronouncement of early monsoons brings hopes for the agriculturally decisive northwestern region that is in dire need for good rainfall. The region is in shortfall so far with 5 percent less than standard rainfall. Still, months of July and August are the most noteworthy and will set the tone forward.

What to expect from the government?

Blindly depending on rains may not be a good idea. Rather government should work towards judicious accessibility of diesel and fertilizers.

It just takes concentrated and prearranged effort to put things in right perspective.

Ashish Pandey

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