‪Left‬ Is Not Always ‘‪Right‬’

The leftist-ideology by its inherent virtue is very difficult to implement in a non-violent and systematic way unless you reside in an ideal ambiance, where systems really work. However, if systems really work, protests – the basic catalyst for its survival – find no scope to seep in.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx

The rationale behind the above-made statement can be derived from the fact that the fundamental leftist-ideology which popularly emanates from the literature penned by the Marx-Engels pair is theoretically superlative but lacks much of a practical connotation. For the same reason, even countries with Communism ingrained in their genes, such as China, have transported to a new form of Communism namely “Capitalo-Communisto,” as per me.

‪Capitalism‬ breeds Left-Wing Politics

Karl Marx’s father (Herschel Marx) came from a relatively wealthy middle-class family which owned a number of vineyards. His father also served as a lawyer. So did most other big names in the leftist world such as Che Guevara.

This means that leftist struggles were manned by wealthy people who did not have to think about livelihood, unlike their followers. Even if they failed, there was already a lot to fall back upon.

Points worth Pondering

Most of the leftist theories find their birth in the times when only the Bourgeois related with the concept of Capitalism, and the rest (proletariat) all deterred it. These were times when Democracy could easily be confused with Capitalism as most of the major powers were democracies with deep interests in colonialism. It was then that the masses took to armed struggle in most countries.

As times changed, even small nations turned towards democracy, and even leftist powers joined democratic means of government formation, resulting in much of the revolutionary concepts of the theory losing resonance.

Ashish Pandey

I am a business and finance journalist who is currently employed at Financial Express and previously at Zee News. My areas of interest include business and foreign policy. You can reach me on Twitter at @ashuvirgo1984 or @eFundsPlus.

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