About Us

A major chunk of our population lacks even the basic information about the Indian and global economy.

So the principal motivation behind eFundsPlus is to edify readers about the very basics of finance & economics and keep them updated on the happenings around the globe which affect our lives in one way or another.

In the absence of adequate financial understanding, a bulk of first-time investors burns their fingers in the stock market. Similarly, there are others who, with an appetite for making easy money, invest in dubious investment schemes–ultimately losing all that they have.

This e-publication will guide our readers in this regard and acquaint them with the latest business scenario in the country and around the world. In addition to bringing forward the daily goings-on in the market, we also offer our readers basic advice in relation to several investment-related opportunities. However, our readers are strictly advised to consult an investment specialist and not solely rely on us if they actually wish to make an investment.

We believe that once you start following our write-ups devotedly, you would be in a better position to manage your finances.